By eliminating grains, sugar, alcohol, legumes and dairy for just 30 days – ALLOW your body to heal & LEARN once and for all how the foods you’ve been eating are actually affecting your day-to-day life and even adversely affecting your long-term health….

And don’t worry – this is a plan where you EAT.

You just eat REAL foods…


Three convenient ways to sign up...

CALL US!  310-745-4275. Our receptionists are more than willing to help you!


EMAIL US! Contact@KinesisLiving.com 

We can help!


Visit our Kinesis Mindbody site and sign up: 


Go to EVENTS and choose the Whole30 Challenge with Samantha!

Make yourself an account and register on your own. 


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*****The DETAILS****


Day 1 is Monday March 2nd

Day 30 is Tuesday March 31st


What you get for our unbelievably low $60 price:


*Access to a LIVE exclusive group phone call with Nutritionist Sam Grant and the other participants (recorded and you’ll have access to it afterwards, too!)      ****SUNDAY MARCH 1ST 10AM!!****

*Email access to Sam & Coach Kimmie to answer questions, check in, share stories, etc.

*Supportive emails from us. Recipes, useful links, helpful Facebook or Pinterest pages and more!

*Completely updated link for the Whole30 Nutrition Guide for you to print or

keep on your computer. ($50 value!)

*You can sign up for a biweekly Whole30 email to help with troubleshooting,

planning, and other people’s stories. This is SO helpful!!

*Mid-month group meeting at Kinesis.

         *Private, members-only Facebook page

*The support of a fabulous group!

         *End of the month group potluck party!

*The feeling of completing something amazing…


All you have to do:


*Purchase your own copy (hard, audible or on you device) of “It Starts With Food” book. This is the book that gives you the science, reasoning and in-depth knowledge as to WHY you should do a Whole30 plus it’s chock full of help to make these 30 days THE BEST!

(On Amazon-approximately $15-$20)


*Commit…to yourself, the group, the plan, your body

and mostly, to your health!