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Nichole B.

Have taken the Functional Fitness group class, private Pilates, and group Pilates class. All the instructors have been outstanding; definitely reflect the training/supervision by a licensed physical therapist (Dawn, the owner). If you want to learn about your body and how to treat it well (in terms of exercise), this is the place to it. Everyone is very friendly and supportive; the "shaming" sort of motivation technique is not used here! Facility is very clean. They have new client packages covering the various services that are VERY reasonably priced (compared to other places I've exercised). Would recommend Kinesis without reservation.



Carolina Z.

Kinesis creates a remarkably intimate environment while pushing you out of your comfort zone. The classes are small so that each individual gets the tailor made expertise attention they need while performing reps. The classes leave me sore for days to follow. The workouts are well paced, allowing you to take your time and watch your form as you move through each exercise. I can't say enough good things about this establishment.

Hunter E.

Truly a unique place, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Kim and Dawn. Having been sidelined from some of my favorite activities (tennis, running, etc.) due to recurring injuries, three months at Kinesis has me feeling better than I have in years. The functional fitness classes  consistently prove to be engaging, rigorous workouts that Kim devises and oversees in a thoughtful, careful way with a keen eye for balance and alignment. Dawn focuses in on problem areas with true expertise and a wealth of knowledge and experience. In my case, a 15-year old sports injury had gone unaddressed and was becoming incrementally worse. Dawn diagnosed the issue in a flash. Her treatment plan has already delivered increased range of motion and decreased pain. Can't say enough positive things about this place and the impact it has had on me.

Susan L. updated as of 2016

I'm updating my review. 

Dr. Dawn is a miracle worker!! I've had headaches and lower back problems for years, seeing many many chiropractors and massage therapists. After one PT consultation with Dr. Dawn, she gave me homework to periodically decompress my neck using a block and yoga tune-up balls. After doing that for two minutes, I trigger my small neck muscles and voila! No headaches or back problems in 5 weeks (I was getting headaches 1X week). Also, since my previous review I've been taking 3 pilates classes/week and my body has never felt this good, or been this strong. The community just gets better and better!!

Robert C.

this review is about Amy, Pilates instructor at Kinesis

My wife has been taking private pilates lessons with Amy for some time now and always speaks very highly of her skills

As a 66 year old male I was skeptical of the claims made by Pilates devotees but 12 weeks ago I joined my wife for a weekly duo session. I can honestly say the experience has been transformational in so many ways. Amy is professional, intelligent and extremely knowledgeable of anatomy . She is also very talented at explaining the movements and then watches like a hawk to ensure you do them correctly. There is constant dialogue to help you and make certain you are feeling the stretches in the appropriate places. I can honestly say after only 12 sessions my previous body aches and pains have vanished and I feel so much better....I now actually look forward to our weekly duo sessions together !!!

Kinesis is truly an amazing studio and in addition to Pilates offers highly expert Physical therapy, therapeutic bodywork, personal training and you can have 1-1 classes or enroll for small group sessions. It has on site parking and the best people I have personally met in the fitness/health industry

very highly recommended by myself and my wife.

Lola L. 

What a great gem of a gym. Pros: free easy parking, reasonable rates, friendly staff, Pilates/Physical Therapy/ Private training/massage AND classes, clean facility, excellent instructors. Cons: I can't think of any really! Just stop by and check this place out. You will love it I'm sure!!

Beth W.

I can not ever say enough good things about this place. In my mid forties, I have NEVER been one to find joy in exercise. I don't totally hate it, but I never love it. Today, I left a FUNctional FITness class honestly feeling so exuberantly happy. Kinesis has become my 'happy place.'


First of all let's start with Dr. Dawn! She is an incredible physical therapist. I started going to Pilates classes early last year and I took the occasional Yoga Tune Up class from her. When I suffered from a work related neck injury, the PT I was referred to through my doctor told me it was never really going to get better. I left in tears. I then went directly to Kinesis to ask Dr. Dawn what she thought. She said - you can ALWAYS get better. So I booked an appointment and almost immediately felt relief from the pain. 


I stupidly injured myself again/further a couple months later - this time the spine doctors recommended surgery. In their defense I had zero strength in my hands and I was dropping things and I was in constant pain. As surgery on the spine is something I want to avoid at all costs, again, I left the doctor in tears. I had Dr. Dawn's Yoga Tune Up class that same evening and I almost cancelled from the pain. But I went ahead and went in, and told her how bad I was - and that one class put me in the right direction. Some of the tension in my tissues was released and I knew I could keep at this. It was not a quick easy journey and I will always have this same issue in my neck and spine. However, in the past six or seven months, with a combination of PT, and strengthening/restorative classes at Kinesis, I have learned how to take care of my body in a way that I can avoid surgery. I am out of pain 95% of the time, and when I do get a flare up - I do feel it before it becomes overpowering. I have the tools to reset and take care of my body. I now do a PT appointment only when I feel I need to check in and make sure I am keeping good form on my exercises.


Not being a 'natural' athlete, I often feel intimidated at gyms and exercise studios. Even yoga - which is supposed to be for everyone can often make me feel awkward. This never is the case at Kinesis. The classes are small and fun and I never feel like I should not be there. The first time I went for a private Pilate's class with Amy, I mentioned that I had gained a lot of weight since my son was born, and I do a lot of sitting at my job. I said to her, 'I have no ab muscles.' She answered, 'Oh yes you do - we just have to find them and turn them back on.' I almost hate to say how great her classes are, because the only drawback is that they fill up fast and I might lose my spot!


I have taken classes from almost everyone who teaches here (there are a couple new classes/instructors that I have not been able to take a class with just yet) but every single instructor is wonderful. I really would rather come here for a class than go to happy hour and have wine. And I like wine!


I always have a great time working towards fitness here. If you want to find a way for your body to be it's strongest, and you like a little bit of sass in your workout, this is the place for you! If you prefer a bit more sass - make sure to take one of Coach Kimmie's classes!

Patti H. *updated review*

I am updating my review on Kinesis because I firmly believe that If you are looking for a good neighborhood place to work out with excellent instruction and small classes, then Kinesis is your best bet.  They offer a good variety of classes to chose from but the best part are their owners, Kim and Dawn.


Coach Kimmie and Dr. Dawn have created a successful business because of their combined skill and expertise.  Both are well trained and keep an eagle-eye on your body mechanics, proper form and movement throughout their classes.  If you have any injuries that need attention, you are in good hands with either one.  Dr. Dawn offers Physical Therapy and teaches the Yoga Tune Up class.  Coach Kimmie teaches cardio and weight training, Pilates and other fitness classes.  They hire good instructors and all of their classes are lively, fun and challenging.  They also haver massage therapist on staff who are terrific.


If you want to feel that you've gotten a great workout in a safe but challenging class, then I cannot recommend Kinesis highly enough.

Wendi P. *updated review*

Here is what I would like to say about this fantastic workout studio. It is not your typical gym. It is a place you come to as much or as little as you want to get personal hands on training or in a small class setting, if you are fortunate to have Kim Smith as one of your teachers then by gosh you will 100 percent know that you will be trained with the utmost of knowledge and expertise as well as Dr. Dawn who has the best yoga tune up classes that are not only designed for anyone but she takes the time to give you the individual care that you need to correctly get your posture corrections right. And of course Amy and Lisa their Pilates and Cardio Tramp are out of of this world for any age group. I am in my mid 50's and I have a new lease on life because of their dedication to helping us become stronger and fit and better. Please take my word on this very positive atmosphere it will inspire you and help create a new lease on your life or perhaps give you that door you've been waiting to open. 

Nadine N. *updated review*

Exercise is more than just fitness at Kinesis! Coach Kimmie and Dr. Dawn McCrory, PT, have made a huge difference in my life! The consummate health and fitness pros that they are  teach you how to live well in your body. I have known and worked out with them for over 10 years and I continue to get stronger and feel better because of their extensive knowledge and how they teach. Correct form is an absolute at Kinesis. And, pain!! I've learned how to relieve it by making movement adjustments. You get stronger and learn to live better at Kinesis! And, every client benefits equally whether in a class or in a private session because it's that kind of place. When I finish a workout at 6am or 6pm, I'm always happy because I feel better, stronger and more confident that I'm doing the right things for myself. And, it sets the tone for the rest of my day. 


A few words about the newer members of the Kinesis krew, Amy and NIcholls. Amy can teach anything and she does. She's smart, tough, watches your form and instructs your workout to maximize the benefits. At the start of every class, she asks if anyone has anything new going on in their bodies so she can help adapt exercises to you. 


Every time I'm in Nicholls' class, I'm completely out of breath! His workouts are tough and balanced and when you're finished, the stress of the day is completely gone. In fact, it once carried me into a dreaded meeting the next day and I was able to stay calm. 


Thank you Kinesis and all of your amazing instructors! I am so fortunate to have found a place that's perfect in every way. I urge anyone reading my review to give Kinesis a try. It's fantastic!


David R. 

Coach Kimmie and Dawn , along with the other trainers there, do wonders for keeping your body pain free and in shape.lets not forget the wonderful massages you can get there also. A must place if you want to feel good about yourself!


Tanya R.

I have been exercising my whole life; dance, fitness, gymnastics weight training... and I'm old enough to have seen more work out phylosophies than I care to count come and go --- I have never found an environment  or a person like coach Kimmie where each and every person gets  incredible personallized attention; whether it be posture adjustment, perhaps tape, ball rolling a specific part of the body, or a creative way to use a piece of equipment. I'm getting solutions to things I've been struggling with for years! I am so grateful I found this studio - and it's a hell of a lot of Fun! The Saturday morning Killer class is the best!

Kay Y.

The best physical therapist in town is Dr. Dawn McCrory.  I have spent 5+ years suffering from pain in my right leg which steadily increased so that it limited my mobility.  I stopped running and walking was even painful.  I tried to resolve this through two HMOs (Anthem then Kaiser) during this time.  I also spent money on three different body workers but could not get relief.  I thought I had a knee and IT band problem.  My Kaiser PT recommended taping my knee to fix a knee cap problem then sciatica and after a couple of visits I could tell I wasn't going to get anywhere.  Ultimately, he didn't seem interested in what he was doing. Finally, I decided to see Dr. Dawn and paid out of pocket.  Her initial fee is $115 and follow up visits are $80.  She nailed my problem (it wasn't sciatica) in the first session and recommended self-muscle release and abdominal exercises.  Her diagnosis and recommended exercises were literally like magic. No more pain and limping around and I ran in my first 5K. Dr. Dawn is a miracle worker!  Very down to earth, very able, straightforward, all around decent person AND  the only PT on the westside that practices neurokinetic therapy.  I am forever grateful.


Jim A.

Coach Kimmie is amazingly and wonderfully good at what she does. She listens well and adapts her stretches and exercises to my over-activity schedule.  I plan to continue with her for a long time.


Cheryl A. 

I have worked out at more gyms than I can count, but Kinesis is the best EVER. Just think, no tvs! No loud music, a fully informed, up to date, and caring staff, small classes with as much personal attention as you need. It doesn't get better than this!


Guillaume C.

This is a review for the physical therapy services provided by Dr Dawn at Kinesis. I have never used the gym/personal training or classes there, although I can say that the vibe is definitely good, very relaxed and cool training environment. If I wanted/needed to take classes or do personal training I would definitely consider Kinesis.


Anyway I have seen Dr Dawn several times for different running-related injuries. I have been running marathons for several years and the mileage needed to be properly trained for the distance tends to generate some niggles and issues; for instance I have had problems with my right quad not firing properly; my right hamstring, and my left adductors. Every single time Dr Dawn was able to pinpoint the problem and prescribe exercises ("homework") that ultimately fixed the issue. One of the very interesting thing is that very often the area of the leg that hurt wasn't necessarily the source of the problem, but she was able to find the problematic area with a battery of tests that were very specific for each muscle. She will usually prescribe some exercises that release the muscles that hurt, and some others that activate other muscles. In some cases she has also treated me with laser to accelerate the healing, but she usually prefers the "homework" approach to allow you to heal. 


PT with Dr Dawn is not necessarily a quick fix in the sense that it may take several sessions to fix the problem, and you also have to do the work on your own - do the "homework" religiously twice a day so that you fix your body a little bit every day until you are completely healthy. However she gives you the tools to fix yourself and I can definitely give her my strongest recommendation if you need physical therapy.



Good lord. I cannot express how much I love coming here. A lifetime couch potato, I knew I needed help to get in shape and a friend recommended Kinesis. In the midst of a post-sugar guilt fest, I called and signed up for private lessons. 


What a life changing moment that was. I've taken 10 private lessons with Amy and several of the jump classes.  I'm already seeing the hint of results and learned a ton of tricks to being more effective at both stretching and working out. 

Up next? I'm trying a TRX class. Come join me. Go try this place. You'll love it.  (oh! Classes are very small so you get a ton of attention). Go! Go! Go!



Patti H. 

Well deserved high praise for this neighborhood gym.  The instructors/owners, Kim & Dr. Dawn, have done a great job putting together a comprehensive and well rounded program of Pilates, Fitness, TRX, Yoga Tune Up® classes in addition to other services. The physical space is very clean, well organized and has good equipment.  The people are friendly and you won't find hordes of sweatly, anonymous people milling about staring at their iPhones.  I have been working with most of the instructors for a very long time (10+ years) and I can honestly say they (Peggy, Kim, Dawn, Amy, Lisa) are top notch.  


One of the bonuses of Kinesis is their pricing structure.  No membership fees - just a straight up package price or individual classes with a very reasonable price tag.  A group class has only 6 people max, which means you get a lot of individual attention.  Did I mention how fun it is to work out here? You won't know how hard you're working when Kim is doing her Southern gal commentary.  Besides being funny, she has an eagle eye for body mechanics.  Besides offering fitness classes, they have great massage therapists and an excellent acupuncturist.  

I cannot recommend this gym any higher.


Bonnie W.  

I have been at Kinesis for almost two years now as I followed them from another place I had attended. I love it here!!!   This is my go to place for pilates... I try to plan all my social activities around my schedule at Kinesis! I do not care for gyms so this studio is the perfect atmosphere for me... Great instructors... Love my girl,Lisa!!! Or classes are small so we get lots of individual attention which i think is so important..

Can't wait until I retire so I can take more classes during the day!!


Sam G.

I can't say enough about the services and staff offered here.  Just recently, I was suffering from the flu and I got an acupuncture treatment with Laura Drago.  After the treatment, I was 75% improved!!  I could breathe and the cough subsided.  Absolutely amazing.

I've also had many sessions with Dr. Dawn to help with my chronic pain issues.  I've seen many practitioners but none that helped me as much as she did.

Coach Kimmie is my absolute favorite trainer and Pilates teacher.  Working with her is always challenging but more importantly FUN.  I don't enjoy exercise, really,  but she makes it fun and the time goes by.  She's so talented and knowledgable and doesn't let anything slip in terms of form.  I've been injured many times with other trainers - never a worry with her.

All in All - KINESIS is a  one-stop wellness center.  Very fortunate to know these practitioners!!


Gretchen K.

I've been at Kinesis for quite a few months now, and it's quickly become a great community for me.  Here's some of what I love about Kinesis:

1) It's close to home.
2) Prices are very reasonable, especially in light of the extraordinary quality.  No stupid package pricing that expires in unreasonably short timeframes either.
3) The space is pleasant, comfortable, clean, and has adequate parking. 
4) I really like the Stott Pilates reformers, which are a little larger than other reformers, and feel very solid, well-built, and flexible, allowing for quite a diversity in teaching styles and themes.
5) Really nice people go there to work out, and have a lot of fun doing it.
6) They emphasize safety, which I value a lot, and haven't observed in some other studios unfortunately.
7) Coach Kimmie is enthusiastic and hilarious.  And sweet, even when she's being a stern taskmaster (task-mistress just didn't quite sound right...or maybe it did?!).
8) Lulu and Ginger are the Pilates teachers at the times I usually take classes, and they are both dedicated, passionate teachers. Other teachers have also been good to excellent. 

And now for the raving fandom part:

I just started seeing Dr. Dawn for physical therapy for a long-standing hip problem. I will say that I've had a lot of foot and ankle injuries previously, and therefore, have a lot of experience with physical therapists. Dawn is exceptional. Really thorough, knowledgeable, experienced, intellectually curious, and kind of relentless - in a good way. I actually feel a bit of hope, for the first time, that we might really be getting to the root of what is causing my repetitive ankle injuries - and that is some kind of miracle.


Jeff D.  

I have been working out with Coach Kimmie for quite a few years.  I followed her to Kinesis when it opened two years ago.  Coach Kimmie is both imaginative and knowledgeable .  She makes the workouts interesting and relevant to your other activities (in my case, squash).  I credit Coach Kimmie and Dr. Dawn with keeping me able to play squash notwithstanding a herniated disc and other assorted age-related ailments.  


Hilary B. 

These ladies will take amazing care of you! Kim's classes are dynamic--focusing on form and function, while getting a great workout in. Dawn is great at really looking at your body in order to not just fix one problem, but correct overall issues so that you can get the most out of your body and life (pain free!).



Linda L. 

Just updating our experience at Kinesis. We've now been here almost 2 years and are still going strong and happy. Our bodies have changed but Coach Kimmie has been amazing at adapting to our needs. No trying to shove a square peg into a round hole. She takes our odd shaped peg and carves out a program that is dedicated to our needs and goals! So many trainers can only train one way. Coach Kimmie tailors to perfection!

(previous post) 9/14/2012 Wonderful, amazing place! My husband and I had been looking for a new coach to work us over-he's been working out for years and was very skeptical that someone could kick his butt. But Coach Kimmie did that and more. Each day after a training session I wake up sore in new areas and am grateful for the pain. She manages to work out areas I would never be able to achieve on my own in a fun atmosphere. It's always different and never stagnant. Thank you!



Kimberly S.

I've been following Coach Kim around for years now.  I love that she really is interested in what's going on in my body.  It's important to her that we work together to identify any issues and figure out how to address them.  Coach Kim is honest, straightforward and caring, which I appreciate.  This is why I'm loyal to her TRX strength training classes.  I have the opportunity to work my body and the freedom to safely push myself further.  Kinesis has everything a person needs for their well being.  Nutrition, massage, pilates, acupuncture and yoga tune up, Kinesis can help you reach your goal of optimum physical health.  Plus, everyone is so nice, you'll want to go there just because of the kind and positive energy.


I'm a Kinesis devotee!


Ellen L.

Kim is a really gifted trainer and Dawn is a really gifted physical therapist.

Nutrition and acupuncture, massage, TRX and pilates, yoga tune-up classes, functional fitness.

They have a very holistic approach to health and well being.  

I highly recommend Kinesis if you want to get help feeling stronger and healthier.


Risa S.

I've been going to coach Kim's Pilates class for about 7 years now and have seen my body change and felt myself get stronger through the years. Kim and Dr. Dawn made Kinesis a place to not only exercise but also a place to have fun, to get healthy and to belong. It's a community and I love it.


Susan L.

Visiting Kinesis is a wonderful way to engage in self-care to the max. I have been taking Coach Kimmie's ball class on Saturdays  for almost a year, and my body thanks her every week. We learn about how to roll out our muscles with a variety of different sized rubber balls, each with the density of a human muscle. We learn how interconnected all of our body parts are, and to much lighter and fluffier we are after a roll. Massage? We can do it ourselves! And the best thing about Kinesis is the great community of people you'll meet and get to know. I'm hooked, and can't wait 'til I retire so I can take all of Coach Kimmie & Dr. Dawn's classes.


Florence L.

I'm so glad I found this studio. Coach Kimmie is the best Pilates instructor with whom  I have ever worked. Her understanding of the body and of ways to correct and integrate the structure of the body is remarkable. The studio is cheerful and incredibly clean. I enjoy the atmosphere so much that I'm now taking Yoga tune -up and having some excellent massage there as well.




N B. 

I'd like to add that Lulu and Lisa also are great Pilates teachers. It's nice to be able to take a variety of classes and experience everyone's styles. The massage is great, too. I haven't seen Bracha, but I've heard she's great. 

(previous post) 1/29/2012 Kim Smith is a great Pilates teacher, both for classes and individual lessons. She's the perfect combination of tough and yet keenly perceptive of any movements that could be adjusted slightly to make them pain free and perfect for you. My husband and both my kids have seen Dawn for physical therapy -- she is amazing! my daughter hasn't had an ankle problem for almost two years after working with Dawn for several months -- previously she'd been on crutches at least several times a year. She works wonders.


Pat D. 

I have some of the best workouts with Dr. Dawn! She is an excellent Physical Therapist because she teaches you how to listen and understand what your body is saying. She is an exercise expert for my tight and sore muscles as I regain my strength--the techniques she uses keeps me moving . In our private sessions we work through stretching and releasing tight muscles and joints in my shoulders and hips. Because of my private sessions my physical alignment is greatly improved. And her weekly Yoga Tune Up® class keeps me that way! Thanks Dr. Dawn!!!


Jennifer U. 

Thank you Team Kinesis. As I approach the one year anniversary of racing Ironman New Zealand, I am feeling so very grateful to Dr. Dawn, Coach Kimmie and Bracha. Physical Therapy, strength training and bodywork were an essential part of my training plan and kept me healthy, strong and injury free. The Ironman experience has changed me forever and would have never been possible without your care and support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

(previous post) 6/8/2012 Kinesis is an awesome one-stop shop where you can create your best life. They have an amazing crew and all the tools to help you achieve whatever your desired goals may be. I have been a client since day one. I love Coach Kimmie's classes, B's bodywork is top notch and Dawn's PT skills are exceptional! I have Lupus and with Team Kinesis in my corner I am healthy and stronger than I have ever been. I am training for my first half Ironman and will follow up with my goal of completing a full Ironman in 2013. I am just so grateful for Kinesis!


Ali R. 

I still absolutely LOVE this place! I finally took a TRX mixed group class and I am IN LOVE! As someone who constantly beats up her body, these small group classes are personalized enough to work within my strengths and limitations, as well as fun and help make me stronger! I love Coach Kimmie; she's an expert in her field and has the right combination of sassyness and tough love! And as an athlete who seems to be injury-prone right now, so thankful that my PT, Dr. Dawn is on-site and has once again, saved my legs and running career! Truly the best PT around. I love Kinesis because it is truly one-stop shopping for everything you need. It truly is the Westside's best kept secret!

(previous post) 8/1/2012 Kinesis and Dawn saved my life recently! A long time runner (marathoner) I have probably been compensating various injuries for years. She was thoughtful, kind, considerate and understanding and worked efficiently to get me back in running shape as safely and quickly as possible. Within 3 visits, I am back out on the road, back to my pre-injury training schedule! As an athlete herself, she understood my 'demands' on my body and in a kind way identified my weaknesses and best of all, gave me tools to fix them! Finding this place was a God-send for me. I figured I would be in Physical Therapy for MONTHS not weeks. And knowing that this resource is available for tune-ups gives me peace of mind moving forward with my next two marathons. Added bonus - the ladies who work here are not only experts in their field but they are really nice people! They take the time to get to know the person as well as the body! While I am all better now, I know I will be back! Also location is great, parking is easy and they work with your schedule! Thank you team Kinesis!


Elisa T. 

I'm not a fit person, work out is an 'undesirable' thing vs something fun to do, but I still try to do it (sometimes). Coach Kimmie is THE best trainer I have ever met. With her 'sweet' demeanor I thought I could totally slack off and get away with YEAH RIGHT! I complain, she says I DONT CARE. DO IT AGAIN! I whine, she says I DONT CARE, DO DOUBLE AS MANY. Exactly what you want your trainer to do, while still making sure that I do it right and 'to my body appropriate'. If you are sore she's happy. When I decide to work out on my own for a while - mainly for financial reasons - she made me a 'schedule' complete with pictures to make sure I stay on track!! WHO DOES THAT? Kim and Dawn have completely surrounded me with 'KINESIS love' and I'm better for it!! Thank you ladies!


Wendi P.

This is my home away from home. The owners and teachers make you feel like a family. They are dedicated to teaching you how to be safe when you exercise. Their classes are designed for any age group and taught to give you personal attention. These teachers really care about your well being and each class is very personal. They all make sure you are safe and educated in your different poses. The classes are not boring and very creative and informative. It is fun. It makes you feel good. It makes you feel like you belong to something very unique and different. I am in my 50's and I feel terrific. As if I have purpose all over again. The parking is easy, the reception is very inviting and if you want it to be quick and fast it can be or you can take your time and get to know the various students and staff. It is a small group. I am thrilled to be a part of this establishment. It is my mid life crisis - in a happy way.


Shannon H. 

Kinesis is wonderful place for working out, physical therapy, and bodywork. I actively participate in personal training sessions (Coach Kimmie rocks!), Sunday group classes with a fantastic rotation of teachers, and weekly bodywork sessions with B that help me recover from all the butt-kicking workouts. Every staff member of Kinesis is genuinely concerned with you living your best life ever. If I ever need physical therapy Dr. Dawn is my go-to girl! The workouts are never boring or repetitive. I never know what I am in for when I walk through their door. If you are looking for a new workout routine give Kinesis a chance - you will not regret it!



Amy H. Mt Vernon, NY

I worked out with Lulu for a month while I was visiting family in L.A. She was great! Fun, interesting tough workouts, sprinkled with funny comments from Lulu herself as well as the rest of the Kinesis staff. The energy in this place is fantastic -- I wish I could work out here all the time!


Marta R. 

I followed the Kinesis team from another studio because they're not only professional and skilled but are caring professionals who will, literally, protect your back. You will transform your body and your spirit with support and encouragement.


Pattie S. 

Dr. Dawn: What can I say. You've helped me through two surgeries and because of you I have healed and become better and stronger! YOU are amazing and I appreciate you so much! Coach Kimmie: I HATE exercise. Your enthusiasm and calm keep me going and the energy you exude makes me want to work harder. You realize my limits and push me just to the's up to me after that. This is a beautiful place filled with care and concern and a pure joy for what they all do. Everyone is treated like they are the only one that matters. I can not recommend this place highly enough. You feel the healing energy when you walk in the door. There is so much to be gained by becoming a part of these incredible people.


Patricia H.

Kinesis has it all: very qualified instructors watching your every move, varied classes, fun and hard work!


Judith G. 

Two lower back surgeries and three months of physical therapy helped me regain mobility but, it was Kinesis and its stellar team of instructors that helped me achieve the confidence to once again approach life’s everyday physical tasks without fear of injury. Its fun, friendly and, most important, quiet atmosphere and small group classes allow each instructor to provide focused attention to clients’ personal needs. Each highly trained instructor brings his/her methods to include head-to-toe strength, flexibility, tone and stress relief to the body. Three months into my pilates and fun fit classes, I took a two week break to assist an elderly parent. Lifting, stretching, bending, crouching came with ease as I undertook my caregiving duties. Had I not had the invaluable instruction and guidance from team Kinesis, I would not have been able to give 100% of myself to my parent. I have been with Kinesis for six months and I feel tremendous improvement in my health and overall well-being. Longer bike rides, excursions in the car, pain-free walks and hikes – hey, life is good and Kinesis ROCKS!


Tristen J. 

Kinesis in its first few weeks of existence has already had a major impact on my body. I started doing personal training with the amazing Coach Kim Smith in December a few weeks prior to the opening. I had 20 pounds to lose, and was jiggly all over! What impressed me most (being that I am a teacher by trade) was that Kim writes a customize routine (lesson plan) for each of my workouts. She has built upon my strengths, worked through many weak areas (bad knees), and pushed me to do things I never ever, ever thought I could do! (a TRX burpee, sprinting at an 8.5 on the treadmill etc.). She always checks in with me during the week to see how I'm feeling, and check on what exercise I've been doing so that she can design a perfect workout each time we meet. I wear a heart rate monitor to clock my calories during my sessions and I never burn less than 800 calories during our sessions (last session was 1030 cal). To date I am down 14 of my 20 pounds and feel amazing. At Kinesis they don't just focus on just getting you skinny, they are more about teaching you to treat your body right.


Nadine N.  

A group of experienced, dedicated health and fitness professionals opened Kinesis: Center for Integrated Living in Culver City yesterday, January 23, 2012. I have known the principals for almost 10 years and have been helped through an assortment of physically challenging conditions -- herniated lumbar discs, a frozen shoulder with degenerated ligaments, torn knee cartilage. I have too many painful conditions to name, but with their help, I have managed to heal and overcome the pain through proper exercise and strength training. Kim Smith, fitness coach extraordinaire, understands me and my problems, works with me so that I am pain free, feel fit and strong. She does it with humor, compassion and butt-kicking discipline. Kinesis integrates disciplines for total well being. Kinesis is new to Culver City but the professionals are long on experience and expertise.

Life-altering is what best describes my experience with the Kinesis team! It doesn't get any better.


Sabine W.  

I have been using pretty much the entire array of what these ladies have to offer since 2004!!!!! I have been Dr. Dawn's (THE BEST Physical therapist in our neck of the woods) patient for my knees, shoulder, lower back--you name it! The absolutely most amazing Coach Kimmie has been my personal trainer/ Pilates Instructor since I started working with this great team in 2004. They are new to this neighborhood, but they are absolutely amazing in what they do! THEY REALLY KNOW THEIR STUFF!!! I have a VERY complicated work-out schedule, as I have had lots of injuries to deal with, while I am also a very strong athlete. Combined with my extensive travel schedule, I probably fall in the rather difficult and complicated section of patient and client for this team. And this is where--in my humble personal opinion--the great strength of this team lies. I have never met a more dedicated, accommodating and motivating team to go get relief for my aches and pains AND work out at the level I love! The atmosphere at Kinesis is THE best, the interior is a perfect work-out space and the prices are absolutely reasonable and fair! Oh and the rest of the team, Peggy, Lisa, Lulu, Neil, Gerard and Bracha are equally unbelievably good at what they do. I had the pleasure of working with or receiving massages from all of them over the years. Go check them out!!!!


Dana D.

My husband and I both work with Coach Kimmie. She is terrific. Really customizes her approach to each client. I also work with Peggy and Lulu, who are wonderful pilates trainers. It has really changed our lives since starting with Kinesis. My husband had rotator cuff surgery 6 months ago and between Coach Kimmie and Neil for therapeutic massage he is back to pretty close to 100%!!!