Kinesis is so happy to have Samantha Grant as our Nutritionist!  

Call today to schedule an appointment and find out how

she can help YOU... 


Do you need a nutrition reboot?

Have questions about your health and how you can improve it?

Been told that your labs are normal but you don't feel normal?

Do you need an expert to give you honest, accurate

feedback on your lifestyle?


During a private consultation, you will learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle and get your burning questions answered.  From meeting with Sam you will learn valuable information and will want to dig deeper into your overall health and make a realistic plan to reach your goals. While Sam is an expert, she cannot heal years of issues in a single consultation. But she can get you moving forward in improving your health!  And depending on the extent of your issues, you may choose to upgrade to our more

comprehensive program, Smart Start.

Visit our Pricing Page or call 310-745-4275 for more details!