TEAM KINESIS is proud to offer small groups

where the attention is on safety, affordability & excellence!  

Pilates Reformer Small Group: 

These small group Pilates sessions on the Stott V2Max Reformer will challenge your core muscles and will help you create a better body/mind connection. We offer ALL LEVELS, INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED AND REGULAR reformer groups depending on your fitness level. 


Senior Pilates Small Group Reformer: 

Our Stott V2Max reformers combine 2 pieces of traditional Pilates equipment to achieve a full body workout. These sessions also incorporate other smaller pieces of equipment. The senior small group session places a special emphasis on strength, balance, and osteoporosis prevention and management. As the name implies, these sessions are limited to clients 55 years and over.


Cardio Tramp Small Group:  

Clients will use the Stott Pilates Cardio Trampoline on their reformers during this session to strengthen hearts, lungs, core and legs. It's so much fun! Give your joints a rest and enjoy this non-impact cardiovascular workout. 


(Although our PILATES group sessions are small and allow for much personal attention, we require  at least 1 private Pilates session and instructor approval to participate. 

This is to ensure client safety and knowledge of machinery and basic Pilates concepts.)




small groups are open to



​FUNctional FITness (FUN FIT) Small Group:  

Get your strength, cardio, sweat and functional movement all in one FUN FIT small group session! Open to all levels, this bootcamp/circuit style, full body workout utilizes TRX, ViPR, bodyweight, BOSU, free weights and more.

​TRX Small Groups:  

The TRX Suspension Trainer is scalable to all ability levels. Whether it is used for the rehab or prevention of injuries, TRX can be used for strength, mobility, and joint stability. Small Group TRX sessions will increase strength, balance, postural awareness, and help identify & correct muscle imbalances in the body.  You'll get a full body workout using the TRX Suspension Training and RipTrainer systems.


Clients can determine how hard they work simply by changing the angle of the body and by the intensity brought to the movement. All TRX movements are based on the premise that the entire body works functionally as a unit. What is the "plus" part of TRX Plus? We will add other pieces of equipment into the routine - ViPR, trampolines, free weights, plyometrics, speed drills, battling ropes - it's TRAINER'S CHOICE! All levels welcome but expect a challenging workout.

Bring a towel and water!

Killer Workout: 

Be amazed every week at what your body is capable of accomplishing! Bodyweight, heavy weight, high intensity cardio, indoor, outdoor, competitive in nature, and not for the faint of heart. This small group session will provide a non-stop challenge & will leave you in a puddle of your own sweat.


Bring a towel, water, & a snack to eat on the way home... Or stick around for the YTU® Ball Rolling experience afterwards!



Yoga Tune Up®:  

Yoga Tune Up® sessions help you identify and strengthen 'body blind spots' that tend to get overused or underused and are typically the catalyst for pain and injury. A combination of corrective exercises and Yoga Tune Up® therapy ball rolling will challenge and transform your body from every conceivable angle to assist you in breaking through stagnant and habitual patterns.


Uncover a stronger, leaner, more athletic and balanced you! Our YTU® group sessions are small, open to all, and allow for much personal attention from our resident Kinesis expert, Dr. Dawn.


Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball Rolling:  

This is a small group focused solely on use of the YTU® Therapy Balls and their function in self-myofascial release. Learn to take care of your general aches, pains and stresses.


Restorative Yoga 

Restorative yoga relaxes the body and stills the mind by focusing on 5-6 poses (light twists, seated forward folds and gentle backbends) each held for several minutes during class. The long holds combined with the use of props (bolsters, blankets and blocks, which support the body), allow the muscles to release and relax deeply. This class will include breath work, gentle yoga and restorative asanas with an emphasis on comfort and support.


Beginners Yoga

This class is for people who are new to yoga, want to get back into it or explore poses with proper alignment in mind. Awareness of breath and its connection to the body as it moves in and out of poses along with quieting the mind will be the focus. Be prepared to breathe, move mindfully and allow for several minutes of much deserved savasana at the end class.